Curtain Cleaning Practical Tips

Practical Tips to Achieve Effective and Efficient Curtain Cleaning

Practical Tips to Achieve Effective and Efficient Curtain Cleaning

Home cleaning is essential, especially in times of health crisis. It can drastically reduce the possibility of contacting various ailments. Remember, many of the commodities in our homes are breeding grounds of allergens, bacteria, and others. That being said, aside from sweeping as well as mopping floors, sanitising sinks, and throwing away garbage, among others, bear in mind that you should also be performing regular curtain cleaning.

Many don’t pay much attention to this, but there are several reasons why this shouldn’t be the case. For instance, it can cut down allergy attacks, reduce dust levels, and ensure that your interiors are as aesthetically pleasing as they can be.

If you need help with regard to this aspect, then you came to the right place. This write up contains useful as well as practical tips and pointers that can help you perform curtain cleaning in the most effective and efficient manner. Read on for details.

Weekly curtain cleaning

If you decide to clean your curtains on a weekly basis and you have heavy ones, then you should utilise the upholstery brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. If you have lightweight ones, simply shake them to elude dust and at the same time protect delicate materials.

Machine washing curtains

Another curtain cleaning option that you can turn to is machine washing. If you decide to go this route, make sure to remove all hardware from your curtain before washing. In the process, do not neglect to check the care label. This is essential since some are made of materials that require a specific amount of liquid detergent so as to ensure that their quality won’t be compromised.

Drying curtain

So, you have  successfully machine-washed your curtains and it is drying time. Here, use a low-setting so as to ensure that they can dry without damaging them.  Make sure to remove them before they’re 100% dry. This is because when it comes to curtain cleaning, over drying can set wrinkles. On the other hand, removing them while they are still damp may cause them to shrink. If this happens, perform quick ironing before rehanging your curtains.

Steam cleaning

Curtains are equipped with attachments that allow you to steam clean them. Be cautious however and ensure that they are machine washable since they’re the only ones that are appropriate for the said treatment. It should be noted also that this method, while convenient, comes with a disadvantage. For instance, it only delivers surface-only cleaning and accumulated dust and mildew may not be eradicated. Therefore, it’s best to think things through if ever you decide to perform such a course of action.

Summing up

If you have time, and space curtain cleaning at home could be a breeze if you push the right buttons and make the right moves.

However, if you do not  have the luxury of time on your hands, it is best to hire the services of professionals. By doing this, you can be rest assured that your curtains will be clean as well as hygienic. Remember though, it advisable to compare various service providers before signing the dotted line:

Remember, not all curtain cleaning companies are equal. For instance, some deliver more effective as well as efficient service like dismantling and re-assembling access to high ceilings… while some don’t . Therefore, practice due diligence beforehand, especially if you want to get your money’s worth and more.

Washing Machine

5 Qualities of a Good Laundry Service

Doing the laundry may seem easy until you stain your favorite white dress or damage your most valued clothes.

Latest washing machines may no longer have you lifting a finger, but sometimes, you can’t help but worry. Are the stains fully removed? How should I wash delicate fabrics?

If these questions bother you, you may choose to use the services of a laundry and dry cleaning professional.

Below you will find five tips to help you choose a reliable laundry service provider in Singapore.

  • Tried and trusted. Ask family and friends which laundry they go to and why? Are they satisfied with the services? Are they happy with the condition of their clothes when they are returned?  Will they recommend them to you? If these people are as meticulous as you are, then you will already have an idea on which shop to go to.
  • Efficient. You may forget to do your laundry and run out of time to get them ready when needed.  A professional laundry service provider may be able to help in these situations. You want a laundry shop that can get the job done as quickly as possible, without setting quality aside. Some may even offer Express service or Eagle Express service to return your item within 24 hours. It is better for a shop to be honest about the time they need than to keep accepting jobs they won’t be able to deliver or handle properly. Choosing a laundry service that offers pick up and delivery is also a plus.
  • Skilled. Washing can be complicated as fabrics have different care requirements and som garments have multiple layers and multiple fabric. If you do not have the time to go over each care instructions, classify and then wash separately, the best thing to do is to take your laundry to professionals. You will not have to worry about choosing the wrong setting on your washing machine and you can ensure that the quality of the fabrics is retained. To ensure best service, remember to highlight to the laundry provider any stubborn stain or special issue you would like them to look at.
  • Competitive rates. One reason many think twice about using laundry services is the cost. Cheap does not always guarantee savings, as expensive does not always ensure quality. Compare quotes from multiple laundry shops to determine the average laundry service prices. And always consider, on top of that, what clients have to say about their work.
  • Various services. Think about other items in your home that also need regular, thorough cleaning such as toys, carpets, curtains, and sofa covers. If your laundry services provider accepts all these, then your life will be a lot easier.

Learning to delegate tasks can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. If you can afford to get a professional to do your laundry, then give it a try. Chances are, you’ll never, as much as possible, go back to doing the laundry, yourself.

Curtain Cleaning Tips

Curtains Cleaning Tips

How often should you clean your curtains?

Curtains play a key role in your beautiful interior design. However, they are subject daily to dust, dirt and mites, and fabrics can quickly lose their shine. Hence it is important to clean them regularly. Recommendation is to clean once or twice a year but for people with allergies professional cleaning is advised 4 times a year.

Do keep in mind that stains or dirt on your curtains will be difficult to get rid of after a long period of time as it dries up.

Why choose a professional to take care of your curtains Cleaning?

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning the curtains is no small task. The size of some curtains and their materials can make this task complicated. Using a specialist in curtain cleaning is an option increasingly chosen today, both by individuals and by professionals.

A regular dusting operation using a vacuum cleaner or a brush can be carried out to remove dirt. However, this is not enough to maintain their freshness. They must also be cleaned several times a year. There are several possibilities for washing your curtains.

Hand washing and machine washing at home are often tempting. However, these options remain complicated and can quickly turn into a drama if we do not know enough about the specifics of each fabric. For example, polyester sheer curtains and curtains can be cleaned at 30 ° with the “fragile fabric” program. Linen curtains, on the other hand, must not be wrung or twisted. They should be allowed to drip before being attached to the rod for drying.

Thus, each type of curtain can have its own washing requirements. Using too strong a detergent, choosing the wrong temperature, wrong spin or too hot ironing can cause irreparable damage.

How professional curtain cleaning works is simple: Our team member comes to your home to carefully pick up and collect your curtains to clean. He will assess the material and weight the curtains on the spot. Depending on the particularities of each curtain, it performs a specific cleaning that respects the characteristics of the fabric. If it involves special or delicate tasks such as stains of wine, grease or coffee, a pre-stain removal can be carried out before washing for an optimal result.

It should not be forgotten that cleaning at home requires time and energy.

At A&B, we have years of technical expertise in handling different types of curtains.

We provide Pick Up and Delivery services islandwide and can dismantle and install your curtains so call us now and get a free consultation from our laundry professionals today.